How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Commercial Office Space?


Interior paint jobs are very important to the aesthetics of buildings. In order to get well paying tenants, and to keep them, management companies keep the interiors in good condition. An important part of this good condition is a well-maintained paint job. There are a number of options for commercial painting Toronto.

Pricing paint jobs depends on 5 major factors.

  • Add the sum rental equipment and paint quantity based on spreading rates
  • The square footage, along with linear feet and units
  • The amount of prep work and clean up required
  • The time required to do the work
  • The first multiple of the first three figures times the company´s hourly rate (includes all payroll expenses including wages, overhead expenses, and net profits) to be paid

Pricing Per Square Foot

Pricing per square foot does not include the floor or other surfaces that are not going to be painted. Only the surfaces that will be painted should be counted, as accurately measuring them lets commercial painting services know exactly how much paint must be applied and how much paint must be purchased.

How Much Paint Can Be Applied Per Hour?

According to industry averages, 150 square feet can be painted in an hour. Of course, this does not include prep work and clean up time.

Cost of Paint, Prep, and Related Supplies

One gallon of paint costs $35 and covers an average of 300 to 450 feet, depending on the substance being painted and on the paint itself. The prep supplies for an average office cost around $10.

How Much Does Painting Average Sized Offices Cost?

Painting an average sized office costs about $206 dollars, and comes to about 46 cents per square foot. Of course this should be doubled for an extra layer of paint, if it is needed. Some offices have large window spaces that may be deducted from the prices. Doors and baseboards have different pricing. Additionally, wall repairs and furniture moving increase labor costs. Lastly specialty coatings may be considered custom work, and one needs to discuss this matter with commercial painting services.

Boardrooms and Washrooms

Painting boardrooms is no different from painting other office spaces. Washrooms, on the other hand, need paint coats that can be washed and that can also deal with humidity. Washrooms are smaller and more difficult to paint, but the pricing formula is still that for other office spaces, including boardrooms.

Doors and Trim

These parts of the office get painted separately from the rest of the office, or even if they are painted as a part of the same job are priced differently. As the materials they are made out of are different, they require different paints and therefore the pricing is different. Doors come in standard sizing, so normally there’s no need for the painter to measure them as they can just get the size from the building management company. Here are sample prices of different door types. Commercial painters Mississauga will be able to give you additional details on door pricing and on all paint office jobs.
French doors $180-$200.
Raised panel doors $90-$100.
Steel doors. $70-$90.
Flush doors. $60-$70.

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