Painting Silo Tanks to Make Up for the Wear Down Over Time


When it comes to your silo roofs, you might not think about them much until you discover that there is a problem, such as a leak. But if you wait until there is a problem with the roof before taking care of it, you can find that it will cost you a lot of money. Your silo houses valuable items, making this structure vital for keeping your goods safe. If it breaks down, your products might be damaged and get wasted. That’s why regular silo painting is so important.

Why Do Silo Roofs Get Worn Down?

As with any other exterior building, a silo needs to withstand different environmental conditions regularly. Snow, rain, wind, and other weather conditions can cause the silo to wear down. Because of gravity, a silo roof will take all the impact that comes from above. Depending on how full or empty the silo is, the roof will get affected.

When the walls contract or expand, the roof will have to move, as well. If the coatings on your silo are not flexible or strong, then they will become fractured and allow moisture to enter the building.

Why Get New Steel Structure Painting Technology?

In the past, companies would use tar for the roof of their silos. Some companies still choose to use this method. However, tar can get very brittle. The good news is that the technology used in storage tank painting has come a long way since then.

Some companies will now use elastomeric coatings for the roof of a silo. These coatings have natural flexibility and are highly elastic. That means that silos and tanks can expand and contract without damaging the coating. These coatings are also more durable than tar coatings, so they will hold up well against the elements, particularly if you do regular maintenance.

Coating and Repairing Silo Roofs

If your silo is in need of a new coating, a good silo painting company can help. A team of skilled painters will remove the current system and prepare the surface for coatings. They can reflash any vents and protrusions using the right filling. Then the painters will grind down any cracks and place a good filling to prevent leaks. They will also fill any pitted areas using a building component. Finally, the painters can apply the coating on the surface.

Choose a Trusted Steel Structure Painting Company

Keeping your silo in good condition will help your business stay successful. If you are considering repairs or making an upgrade, choose Industry Painting Ltd. We have a commitment to meeting your goals and need. To learn more about our storage tank painting services, contact us today.

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