Tanks and silos hold many types of raw materials which need to be maintained to protect the integrity of the manufacturing process. Selecting and correctly applying the right coating system for both the interior lining and the exterior components can preserve the life of these essential items.

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Stop wasting time searching online for “sandblasting companies near me” and turn to an industry leader. Before applying a coating system, sandblasting companies prepare the surface. The sandblasting process prevents corrosion that could compromise the coating results. This is especially true for industrial applications and those exposed to humidity and chemicals.

For tanks, silos, bridges, ships, and structural steel in Toronto exposed to the elements, sandblasting is highly recommended. Industry Painting Ltd. offers a range of blast media, such as glass beads, walnut shell, garnet, corn, black shot, aluminum oxide, and environmentally-friendly man-made materials. Your days of looking for “sandblasting services near me” are over. We won’t disappoint.

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A clean, nicely decorated office environment helps to instill pride in your company and to increase productivity for your staff, as well as reflecting your company image to your customers and potential customers. While we are not interior designers, we certainly have enough real-world experience to help you choose appropriate paints and colours to enhance your office space.

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Because of the high cost of access, you want to be sure that any paint applied will last and won’t have to be re-done within a few years. High-rise buildings require specialty knowledge in application and in selecting coatings that are not only durable in our harsh climate, but that will be colour-stable when exposed to UV rays.

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Exterior painting in our Canadian climate of extremes creates a significant challenge. Wind, rain, snow and ice, and UV rays from the sun are all hard on paint coatings. Wide temperature swings cause different materials to expand and contract at different rates, again putting stress on any paint used. While there has been significant improvement in paint technology, it still requires knowledge and experience to select a proper system.

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All of us have seen metal deck ceilings that have paint flaking off. This gives an indication of the potential pitfalls awaiting the less knowledgeable and skilled; properly painted, failing paint should not be an issue. Different conditions and environments require different preparation and coating systems to ensure a problem-free and long lasting application.

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When it comes to painting, underground garages are subject to various federal, provincial and municipal regulations. Of course, the primary purpose of the regulations is to enhance the safety and convenience in using the garage. We can get your underground garage up to code and have the experience to do so with a minimum of disruption to residents and the public.


Once the floor is properly prepared, there is still a huge selection of systems that can be used depending on the environment – epoxy, urethane, sand broadcast, troweled epoxy, floor polishing.. 

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In many ways, painting can be much more complicated than other trades. While electricians and plumbers generally deal with a limited number of materials, painters have to deal with a virtually unlimited number of situations and problems. There are so many different types of surfaces being painted, so many different levels of preparation, so many different products being used, and so many environments, that the permutations are virtually limitless.

Our knowledge and experience enables us to be able to provide the correct coating system for any situation.


For us, doing the work safely is not just a legal requirement, it is a moral obligation. As a family-owned and run business, we have a close relationship with everyone who works for us and want them to return safely to their families.

We ensure our workers are properly trained on Working at Heights, WHMIS, confined space, and other safety regulations as appropriate. They are given specific training on any equipment needed for the job, including spray machines, lift equipment and swing-stages, sandblast equipment, etc. We also make sure they have all personal protective equipment needed before they start the job.

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