Why Choose Epoxy for Your Flooring Needs?


In the commercial flooring business, it can be difficult to decide which material to use and which to shy away from. Epoxy flooring year over year, consistently ranks the highest among flooring options. It is tough and up to the task of the highest traffic areas. Epoxy can withstand school campus buildings where thousands of students pass each year. So, what makes industrial epoxy flooring so good?

Why is Epoxy an Excellent Industrial Grade Epoxy Floor Coating?

Providing a low-maintenance flooring coating, epoxy can be used on almost any type of flooring surface.

  • Concrete
  • Laminate
  • Wood
  • Subfloor

What are the Benefits of Using Epoxy Coating?

While it can be used on almost any surface, there are other benefits to using Epoxy. Some of those are listed below:

  • Provides Aesthetics Pleasing Look
  • Low Cost
  • Very Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Customizable Appearance

With customizable tints and various flecking systems, epoxy can be made to fit any décor. It is also very cost efficient, which each coating lasting between two to three years, even in the highest traffic areas. Easy to clean and maintain, it is a go-to solution for many schools.

Why is Epoxy Ideal for Schools?

The safety of students and staff are tantamount in a school setting. There are a variety of ways in which to ensure that. One way is through the use of industrial epoxy flooring. It is easy to customize epoxy for any specific application.

  • Coat Sidewalks to Shield Against Debris and Shock
  • Science Lab Floors Shielded Against Caustic Chemicals
  • Gymnasium Floors with No Slip Floors for Athletics and PE
  • Cafeterias No Slip Floors so Students and Staff Are Safe

Management and Maintenance of Educational Facilities

As one might imagine, taking care of a school campus requires a great deal of effort. Maintenance staff are always performing one task or another to help with upkeep. School floors take a beating each and every day. Think about what they have to put up with.

  • Chairs Scraping Across Classroom Floors
  • Cafeteria Spills
  • High Heels in Hallways
  • Cleats in the Locker Room
  • Desks Scraping Across the Floor

With epoxy floor coating applied to your floors, maintenance is a breeze.

How Long Does It Take Industrial Epoxy Floor Coating Contractors to Install Epoxy Flooring?

In most cases, epoxy coating can be applied quickly and easily through a spray application. The flooring needs to be thoroughly clean before applying it, but once done, it only takes twelve hours to dry and ready for foot traffic in seventy-two hours.

If you have any questions about epoxy flooring, reach out to the experts at Industry Painting. We can guide you through your flooring project.

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